28-34 Kent St, Epping

The Executive committee of SP64487 at 28-34 Kent St Epping wist to convey to management and staff at Dukes Painting Services our thanks and appreciation to for the professional service and quality painting works provided over the duration of the painting project from June 2012 to early 2013.

From the start, the development of a contact with the guidance of Peter Dukino for the Executive was both, courteous, understanding and professional as we the executive moved from rank amateurs to fully understanding the ramifications of such a large project and what was the best solution for us.

During the project, many reviews by our consulting agent for quality outcome adjustments to meet the executive’s expectations where absorbed seamlessly by DUKES.

Over the project period a special mention of John, the leading hand painter cannot be overlooked. He absorbed and responded professionally to all residents that made contact with him over the project period.Every request was answered with yes. There was never a “no” answer. His working relationship with us all here, both residents and executive committee made the management and working relationship that much easier given the impact of such heavy duty works with the garnet blasting.

In the end we have an excellent external coating finish that has been endorsed by DULUX Australia. They have given us a 10 year warrantee on their product as applied by Dukes that is three years longer than the normal warranty.

The Executive Committee on behalf of the owner’s corporation highly recommmend the services of Dukes Painting Services Pty. Ltd.

Alan Simms Secretary for the Executive Committee SP64487

Mike Crankshaw, SP 72636

The painting project has gone well, completed on time and at budget – well done everyone involved. The whole place looks a million times better both internally and externally. This should keep the standard of maintenance up, and be reflected in enhancing the property values. Without exception, all those involved have been good to work with throughout the project, including some rainy days. We have only received good comments from those occupants who have been vocal at all, and the colour rebellion group are not pleased with the end result. Win, win!

All in all – a good report! On behalf of the Executive Committee – a big thank you.

Best regards,
Mike Crankshaw
SP 72636

“The Point” 41 Cremorne Road, Cremorne

At the Body Corporate AGM, today it was unanimously agreed that a letter of appreciation, be sent to you acknowledging the quality of the work, and the manner in which the painting of the exterior fo our apartment building was carrier out.

You very capable site foreman and your supervisor were extremely responsive to our needs and no one was inconvenienced whilst the job was in progress.

We are pleased with the result and are proud of the appearance of our asset. Because of this we would be please to recommend your company and its services.

Yours faithfully,
Body Corporate, Strata Plan No. 62552